Welcome to the Andrews Experimental Forest!

For apartment assignment and door key access codes contact Headquarters Managers: 541 822-6300 before arriving.

For your convenience and safety, here is some important information about the GreenHouse and other Andrews Forest headquarters facilities.

GENERAL INFORMATION about the headquarters site: General Facility Information

FOOD AND GAS: Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, including pots, pans, dishes, utensils, refrigerators/freezers, microwave and coffee maker The closest major supermarket is Albertsons (5755 S. Main St in east Springfield) about 40 mi west along Hwy 126 (the McKenzie Highway).  Takoda’s Restaurant, the Blue Sky Market (a mid-sized market), and a Shell gas station are 5 mi upriver (east) along Hwy 126 from its junction with Forest Service Road 15.

BEDDING:  Unless you requested otherwise, bedding and towels will be in your apartment.  Before you leave, please put wet towels in the bathtub or shower.

HEATING/COOLING:  Both apartments and the Atrium have efficient floor heating.  Use the up and down arrows on the thermostat to adjust the heat, but please remember it takes a while for the system to respond.  The number on the left is the current temperature and on the right is the thermostat setting.  The system works best when left at a constant temperature.  You probably won’t need to use the inefficient cadet heaters, but please do not block them with furniture or other flammables.  The cadet heaters have internal thermostats, but not markings on the dial to show temp settings.  If you turn the cadet dial fully vertical it gets too hot, but if you crank it back to the left a few degrees you get in the range of comfortable.  For maximum comfort, you will want to open the blinds in the day and close them at night in the cold months, and open windows at night and close them during the day in summer

VENTILATION:  The heat recovery ventilation system does not like grease, so when frying on the stove it is important to use the exhaust fan (you’ll also notice pretty quickly how tight the building seal is if you cook without using the exhaust fan).  The ventilation system is programmed for basic air exchange needs, but for special air exchange needs there is a button next to the bathroom light switch that will give you 20 minutes of turbo-charged air exchange – blue light will glow when turbo is on.
Please use cutting boards and hot pads to protect the old-growth counters.

COMMUNICATION:  Landline phone numbers in the GreenHouse: studio apartment: 541 822-6313; one-bedroom apartment: 541 822-6314. Cell phones don’t usually work right at headquarters.  Wi-Fi is available in all buildings, but bandwidth is limited, so we request that visitors refrain from streaming video for entertainment.
You are welcome to use phones and computers in the HJA office at any time.  Calls are toll-free to the Eugene-Springfield area and personal calls require a calling card for long distance.
Phones are available in the office Phone Room and Computer Lab; press 9 for an outside line.  If you call people who have caller ID and want them to return your call, please give them the number of the phone you are calling from – otherwise their call will ring at our front desk.

SAFETY:  If you walk or run at dawn or dusk, please do so with a friend.  Cougars are rarely sighted around our area, but please be alert.
The Emergency First Aid Kit is in the office below the mailboxes and a defibrillator on the opposite wall.
Smoking is only allowed outside the buildings, 25’ from doors and windows.
The speed limit at headquarters is 15 miles per hour.
In case of fire, please meet at the Assembly Area between Rainbow and the Pavilion.
Please don’t leave food out; we are trying to avoid attracting mice and the possibility of Hantavirus.
If you are driving to field locations, please use the vehicle wash to prevent the spread of False Brome.
Don’t forget to sign out on the Check-in/Check-out board before leaving for the field.
Hardhats, FS radios and gate keys can be checked out at the office.  Please wear orange or other bright colors during hunting season.

PROCEDURES:  Please let us know if anything needs to be fixed.  If you need something, please ask!
Quiet hours are between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM.
Please do not take food or drinks into the computer lab.  Alcohol is allowed for those over 21 in the cafeteria, apartments, pavilion and conference hall, but not in the office or shop.
No pets are allowed at headquarters or in research areas.
The laundry room is available in the cafeteria building.  The washers and dryers use quarters.  Please bring detergent.
Ping pong, volley ball and disc golf equipment are in or near the brown locker in the pavilion.
The recycling center is near the shop.  Compost bins are next to Quartz and a dumpster is behind the fenced enclosure between Quartz and Roswell.

RECREATION: For information on hiking, fishing, or bicycling, please see the Willamette National Forest (McKenzie River Ranger District (Fishing is not allowed on HJA.)
Ping pong, volley ball and disc golf equipment are in or near the brown locker in the pavilion.