Drawing & Pastel

Debby Kaspari

Oklahoma artist Debby Kaspari visited Andrews Forest for 10 days in summer 2012 as our first designated Artist in Residence. She produced a series of pastels, notebook sketches, photographs of her field easel and subject matter, and blog postings. She had been a Bullard Fellow at Harvard Forest, creating many images in that landscape noted for land use legacies etched in stone, such as stone walls, grindstones, and cellar holes from the long-past agricultural history of that archetype New England landscape. Land use legacies in Andrews Forest are in part etched in big wood – cull logs and stumps of old-growth trees in sites logged a half-century ago.

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Terry Daulton

Terry Daulton, field biologist and artist associated with the North Temperate Lakes LTER site (northern Wisconsin lake country), visited the Andrews Forest for an Ecological Reflections workshop in May 2011. She hiked the old-growth trail along upper Lookout Creek and took some photographs. Hearing mention of “dark data” at the 2012 LTER All-Scientist meeting, she was inspired to paint two pictures with that name.

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