Kristine Zeigler

In my stories I don’t judge who was right and who was wrong, who lost and who won, which water belongs to which city.

Kristine Zeigler, Andrews Forest Writing Resident, 2012

Kristine Zeigler has spent the past sixteen years as a professional fundraiser finding financial resources to safeguard animals and nature. Her books include The Bark, The Peregrine, and Harvard’s Charles River Review. As Director of Philanthropy at The Nature Conservancy in California, Kristine works for the world’s largest environmental nonprofit and raises more than $30 million annually for land and water conservation globally.

Forest Log Work:

How I Met Earth

“One of my first memories of Earth was falling toward it. I was about three years old and we lived in an A-frame house perched 8,300 feet above sea level on Habeggar Lane at the South Fork of Bishop Creek, California.”

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The Parable of the Pupfish

“He imagined her sitting up, looking into his eyes, reaching for his hands and bringing them to her lips, shaking her head, and having a good laugh at his expense. It would feel good. Really good.”

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