Rocks worn

and wood worn by water

into smooth stroked bits

scatter and gather together

in tumble-down banks

covered over with moss


The creek touches

splintered tree and fractured

stone with the same hands

so I can know one from the other

only by its weight in my palm


This is what it is:

a thing makes itself—

grows towards the light

forms underneath the earth—

falls, breaks, crumbles

unmade new


The tree that falls over water

leaves a hole, makes a bridge

D. Allen is a poet, musician, and artist currently living in Minneapolis, MN, with strong ties to Madison, WI, Durham, NC, and southern Vermont. Using poetic and essayistic forms, D.’s writing explores the body, illness/disability, the natural world, sexuality and gender. Currently, D. is working on Connective Tissue, a collection of poems and lyric essays that uses memory, narrative, and experimental poetic structures to examine the effects of illness on the body. D. has been a writer-in-residence at The Atlantic Center for the Arts (October 2013), the Andrews Forest (March 2014), and Write On, Door County! (January 2015); some of their poems have appeared in Make/shiftOur Lives, and The Helen Burns Poetry Anthology.