Rachel Clark

who identifies as Idaho writer, mother, biologist, visited the Andrews Forest in April 2009 to formulate ideas for a non-fiction book she’d been plotting. As so often happens, the experience nurtured and inspired so much more than she’d planned. Since the 2009 Andrew’s visit, Rachel–a veteran science writer–has written her first nature/science-based novel, titled “The Blackfish Prophecy” (Booktrope 2016), Book 1 in a planned series: “Terra Incognita and the Great Transition.” Rachel’s time at Andrews directly fed the setting and scenes for her novel, which takes place in the Pacific Northwest and its magnificent Douglas-fir and cedar forests. The science and research community at Andrews likewise helped inspire the story line. Meanwhile, Rachel was invited by Psychology Today to begin a new blog, Mothering Nature , where she writes about the epic transition to harmony now underway on planet Earth. The blog, like the novel, is inspired, in part, by the notes and ideas she worked on at Andrews.