Old Growth Trail, Terry Daulton, Pastel

Terry Daulton, Pastel

Terry Daulton, field biologist and artist associated with the North Temperate Lakes LTER site (northern Wisconsin lake country), visited the Andrews Forest for an Ecological Reflections workshop in May 2011.  She hiked the old-growth trail along upper Lookout Creek and took some photographs.  Hearing mention of “dark data” at the 2012 LTER All-Scientist meeting, she was inspired to paint two pictures with that name.  She explains, “the colored sections represent parts of the scene where research is being done, but that the research designs are not set up for synthesis.  Thus the dark data is the area in monotone where the story is not clear, such as in the case with unexplored historical records … so to speak.  Not a perfect illustration of what we are talking about with synthesis, but was fun to do.”  

Terry Daulton’s Artwork from the Andrews

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About the Artist

Terry Dalton

Terry Dalton

Terry Daulton’s pastel paintings reflect her deep ties to the landscape and her background as a biologist and environmental educator. Terry and her husband, Jeff Wilson, live in small log cabin on a remote island in Wisconsin’s Turtle Flambeau Flowage. Her paintings chronicle their life on the Flowage and other Northwood’s haunts.

Daulton states, “For me painting is both personal and a teaching tool. I hope that I can help others to develop a closer relationship to the natural world and to discover their own creative energies.”

In recent years, Terry has brought her work as a field biologist together with her art interests. In 2006¬, she created and curated an art/science education exhibit called “Paradise Lost? Climate Change in the Northwoods” which involved 20 artists and 6 scientists. Paradise Lost? was seen by over 100,000 visitors in the Upper Midwest. Building on that project she began a longer term collaboration with the University of Wisconsin – Center for Limnology and the North Temperate Lakes Long Term Ecological Research Project. In this collaboration, she is working with scientists to bring the arts and sciences together in a public education campaign. Their first project was “Drawing Water: Artists and Scientists Explore Northern Lakes”.

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