Wood & Logs

Josh Krute

I often explore outside of city limits, being immersed in diverse natural settings along the coast or cascade mountain ranges. I am inspired when finding the remains of tree forms – whether I come across a tree clearing, and slash and burn pile, or an abandoned structure, these forms and environments exist because of the alterations made by our human kind. I understand it is my responsibility to convey and preserve a wooden object’s character, ecological history, and the relationship between the natural world and man’s adaptation of it, including my own.

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Debby Kaspari

Oklahoma artist Debby Kaspari visited Andrews Forest for 10 days in summer 2012 as our first designated Artist in Residence. She produced a series of pastels, notebook sketches, photographs of her field easel and subject matter, and blog postings. She had been a Bullard Fellow at Harvard Forest, creating many images in that landscape noted for land use legacies etched in stone, such as stone walls, grindstones, and cellar holes from the long-past agricultural history of that archetype New England landscape. Land use legacies in Andrews Forest are in part etched in big wood – cull logs and stumps of old-growth trees in sites logged a half-century ago.

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