D. Allen

The tree that falls over water leaves a hole, makes a bridge

D. Allen, Long Term Ecological Reflections, 2014

D. Allen is a poet, musician, and artist currently living in Minneapolis, MN, with strong ties to Madison, WI, Durham, NC, and southern Vermont. Using poetic and essayistic forms, D.’s writing explores the body, illness/disability, the natural world, sexuality and gender. Currently, D. is working on Connective Tissue, a collection of poems and lyric essays that uses memory, narrative, and experimental poetic structures to examine the effects of illness on the body. D. has been a writer-in-residence at The Atlantic Center for the Arts (October 2013), the Andrews Forest (March 2014), and Write On, Door County! (January 2015); some of their poems have appeared in Make/shiftOur Lives, and The Helen Burns Poetry Anthology.

Forest Log Work:

Walking Tour

…How he submitted—. Loved.   Loved his interior world, his interior wilderness,   that primal forest inside him, where among decayed treetrunks   his heart stood, light-green. "Rilke, “The Third Elegy,” trans. Stephen Mitchell I. Turn away from the white"capped...

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Walking Notes 3.21.14

The tree that falls over the creek   leaves a hole, makes a bridge.  I wrote these lines two days ago, fixing my gaze up Lookout Creek at an ancient  Douglas fir with its root ball on the eastern banks and its crown on the west. Today  I’ve traced my way back along...

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The Gravel Bar

Rocks worn and wood worn by water into smooth stroked bits scatter and gather together in tumble-down banks covered over with moss   The creek touches splintered tree and fractured stone with the same hands so I can know one from the other only by its weight in...

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