David Gessner

Not unlike many alter-egoed superheroes, the dipper's life is by necessity a solitary one.

David Gessner, Blue River Fellow, 2015

David Gessner joined the Andrews Forest in 2015 as a Blue River Fellow. He is a writer, editor, and cartoonist. His books include All the Wild That Remains: Edward Abbey, Wallace Stegner and the American West; Sick of Nature; and Return of the Osprey. Gessner has published essays in many magazines, including Outside Magazine and New York Times Magazine, and he has won the John Burroughs Award for Best Nature Essay, a Pushcart Prize, and has been included in Best American Nonrequired Reading.

Forest Log Work:

The American Dipper

(Originally published on Audubon.org) By most estimations, the American Dipper is a drab little bird—gray, short-tailed, with a sparrow-sized body that’s described variously by bird books as “plump” or “chunky.” Its song isn’t much either, at least to my ear—a nice...

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