Emma Marris

We must temper our romantic notion of untrammeled wilderness and find room next to it for the more nuanced notion of a global, half-wild rambunctious garden, tended by us.

Emma Marris, Andrews Forest Writing Resident, 2014

Emma Marris writes about conservation, ecology, energy, agriculture, food, language, books and film. Her goal is to find and tell stories that help us understand how to increase the flourishing of both humanity and the rest of the planet’s species, how to move towards a greener, wilder, happier and more equal future. Her stories have appeared in Conservation, Slate, Discover, the New York Times and above all, Nature, where she worked as a staffer for several years. Her first book is Rambunctious Garden.


Forest Log Work:

Conservation of Mass

This rock here is red and light, a solidified piece of lava, probably from an eruption more than 3 million years ago. It has been rounded by the river, and now lies here on a gravel bar created by a 1996 flood.

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