Thomas Titus

Her beauty is painted onto a skin so thin that water travels effortlessly from salamander to forest and back again

Thomas Titus, Visiting Writer, 2014

Thomas Titus left the Pacific Northwest to attend the University of Kansas, where he completed a Ph.D. in evolutionary genetics. Tom returned to Oregon and works as a research biologist and instructor at the University of Oregon. His book, Blackberries in July: A Forager’s Field Guide to Inner Peace, describes his return to Oregon. Tom is currently the president of the Eugene Natural History Society and writes a monthly column for their publication “Nature Trails”.

Forest Log Work:

Denizens of Decay

A cashmere cowl of fog shrouding the night ridges thins and frays, retreating from morning sunshine. Light travels downward through the remaining vapor in angular rods that pry through green interlocking fingers of conifers whose arms are joined to furrowed trunks of...

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