Todd Davis

I hope my grand children will learn winter wren or hermit thrush; my great grand children elk or moose, perhaps with a minor in fisher or marten.

Todd Davis, Long Term Ecological Reflections, 2015

Todd Davis teaches creative writing, American literature, and environmental studies at Pennsylvania State University’s Altoona College. He is the author of collections of poetry including Winterkill, In the Kingdom of the Ditch, and Ripe. His poetry has been featured on the radio by Garrison Keillor, on The Writer’s Almanac, and by Ted Kooser in his syndicated newspaper column American Life in Poetry. His poems have won the Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Prize, the Chautauqua Editor’s Prize, and have been nominated several times for the Pushcart Prize.

Forest Log Work:

Logjam on Lookout Creek

I sit on 1500 years snagged by its collective weight, by the downward pull of this valley, and the simple force of water when it meets snowmelt and rain. How long these logs will stay is anyone’s guess. Stoneflies have hatched in this place of rest, time-tempered,...

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What does a landscape dream of in its unsettled dreams? Of snowpack still ten feet deep. Of going to sleep to the sound of sea-drenched wind and waking to rain in the basement. Of yet another dream in which nearly every room in the house is rearranged. Boulder in...

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Language Requirement

My wife took French in high school; I tried to learn Spanish. My parents could speak enough German to get by while Dad was stationed at Hahn. My boys have followed their mother to France, while a friend’s son, who’s studying international relations, is already fluent...

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In the Andrews

I am diminished in age and size and  wisdom, a good feeling to be humbled by a forest. Todd Davis PDFs: In the Andrews Language Requirement Geomorphology Logjam at Lookout Creek Todd Davis teaches creative writing, American literature, and environmental studies at...

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