Tom Montgomery Fate

A gauzy drape of clouds hung over the mountains like an old, familiar question.

Tom Montgomery Fate, Andrews Forest Writing, 2017

Tom Montgomery Fate is the author of five books of nonfiction, including Beyond the White Noise, a collection of essays, Steady and Trembling, a spiritual memoir, and Cabin Fever, a nature memoir. His essays have appeared in The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe,The Baltimore Sun, Orion, Iowa Review, Fourth Genre, Riverteeth, Sojourners, Christian Century, and many other journals and anthologies; and they regularly air on National Public Radio and Chicago Public Radio. A graduate of the Nonfiction Writing Program at the University of Iowa, and of Chicago Theological Seminary, he is currently a professor of English at College of DuPage, in suburban Chicago, where he also lives.

Forest Log Work:

Travel That Takes You Home

Like an old growth forest, reflection is slow, takes time, and rewards patience, but is increasingly rare.  Our sense of time and our attention spans and our ability to sense the world, have been radically altered by technology.

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